What is an endowed gift?

An endowed gift, or an endowment, is an invested fund, a portion of whose earnings supports education. The rest of the earnings are reinvested to offset inflation. Because of sound fiscal practices as well as a conservative and responsible investment team, the principle investment from an endowment is never spent.

To establish an endowment, you must make an initial gift of $20,000, but can also use property, IRAs, or other assets to fund your endowment. Or you can build an endowment with smaller gifts over time. Our staff can work with you to establish a plan for building your endowment.

THANK YOU to the following individuals, families and businesses who have established MEF Endowments, which will perpetually support education, leaving a legacy in McKinney, Texas for years to come.

MEF Scholarship Endowment
MEF Founders Fund
Alex Clark Memorial
Brooks Family Endowment
Karen C. Caton Endowment
Churner Family Endowment
Ben and Orene Pitts Endowment
Jack and Eddie Faubion Memorial
Laud & Virginia Howell Endowment
Pete & Nancy Huff Endowment
Independent Bank Endowment
Joplin Family Endowment
Judy & Carey Cox Family Endowment
Legacy Bank Endowment
Leslie Geer Memorial
McKinney Cooperative Gin Endowment
Medical Center of McKinney Endowment
Dr. Lyn Mefford Endowment
McKinney Ex-Student Association
MHS Band Endowment
MNHS Gridiron Club Endowment in memory
of Austin York and Matthew Self
Nomura Endowment
Pogue, Inc. Endowment
Primo Endowment
McKinney Rotary Club
-Al Ruschhaupt Memorial
Sexton Family Academic Endowment
Lynn Sperry Endowment
Dr. Maurice M. Weikel Memorial
Bobby Younger Memorial
Andrew Clapp Endowment
Ben Whisenant – Bank of Texas Endowment
Bennett Elementary Endowment
Charlie Qualls Memorial
Ruth Dowell Memorial
Elliot Bradley Endowment
John Gary Memorial
Jeb Halvorson Memorial
A.M. Scott Memorial
LULAC Endowment
Minshew Endowment
MHS PTO Endowment
Matthew Palmatier Memorial
Phil & Kathy Parker Family Endowment
McKinney Rotary Club – Carey Cox Memorial
Stephanie Arno Memorial
Faubion Middle School PTO Endowment
honoring Harvey F. Oaxaca
Grace Rivera Memorial
Shapiro Serenity Endowment
CoServ Teacher Grant
Ida Hokanson Endowment
Dr. J. J. Rafie Memorial
Ben & Elisabeth Garrison
Bob & Barbara Tomes/
Bob Tomes Ford Endowment
Jennifer Dill Rienhard Memorial
MISD Building Trades
Emerson Process Management
Tate Aggie Endowment
Drew Carlisle Memorial
Minnis Family Endowment
Rebecca Oaxaca Endowment
Valley Creek PTA Endowment
Shannon Barnett Memorial
MISD Trade & Industrial
E.F. Lewis Family Limited
Partnership Endowment
Fine Arts Endowment
Trey Ehrhardt Memorial
Boyd Baseball Booster Club
Baggett-Leonard Family
-Toni Lou Baggett Memorial
Ruth LeVan Endowment
Stephanie Smith Memorial
Goldie Webb Memorial
ISA Insurance Endowment
Premier Women’s Health
Boyd Football Booster Club
Boyd PTO Endowment
Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon
and Roberts, P.C. Endowment
Spencer Taylor Memorial
Horace H. Neilson Memorial
K. Lyle & Sandra W. Froese
Sunrise Rotary
-Teacher Grants Endowment
Billy Whitman Memorial
MISD Staff Endowment
Tom Crowe Endowment
MNHS First in Family
Michael A. Phillips
Science Endowment
Class of 1971
Sunrise Rotary
-Scholarship Endowment
MBHS Student Council
Nicole Quincy Memorial

Have a question? Please visit www.mmeeff.com/donate to learn about the various ways you can contribute, or contact:

Ashley Sine, Acting Executive Director

McKinney Education Foundation
510 Heard Street
McKinney, Texas 75069
Phone: 469-302-6314